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Positively Selfish

Oct 31, 2018

I interview the wonderful, beautifully honest and warm Dr Soph, who is a Clinical Psychologist, life coach and yoga teacher. Dr Soph is working to get psychology out of the therapy room and into people’s lives in a very modern way and if you’d ever considered therapy but felt it holds too much of a stigma, I urge you to listen to how Dr Soph has changed the therapy game for us all.


I truly love Soph’s message to help you recognise that all of your emotions are normal and feeling negative doesn’t mean any of us are crazy or weird.


We discuss Imposter Syndrome/Phenomenon, Emotional Eating, Male vs Female, Shame around emotions and perceived ‘failure’, Therapy and how to normalise and embrace it and SO many other points! Make sure you listen in on this one and then head over to Dr Soph’s social media for way more wonderful content from her.

Check out Dr Soph:




Instagram: @_drsoph